Guns, Gadgets, and Gear Define Guild Wars 2's Engineer

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In some fantasy role-playing games, engineering bombs, guns, and useful gadgets is nothing more than a novel crafting skill. In Guild Wars 2, it's a way of life. Let's meet the game's newly-revealed Engineer.


While other classes rely on their magic or physical prowess to survive the harsh environs of Tyria some 250 years after the events of the original Guild Wars, the Engineer relies on his or her mechanical know-how to fill the many roles asked of a character in Guild Wars 2. How does a mechanical genius survive on the battlefield?

I suppose the bombs help.

The role the Engineer fills depends on the equipment he brings with him onto the battlefield. For instance, equipping a Bomb Kit places a backpack on the Engineer that allows him to toss out a wide variety of explosive ordinance, from bombs that stun to bombs that do exactly what you'd expect bombs to do. Equip a Med Kit, and he's got a backpack filled with items to help keep him and his party alive. Kits also come in Tool, Grenade, and Mine flavors. One can imagine how those work.

Along with the backpack kits there are also weapon kits, which arm the Engineer with powerful tools of destruction and support. The Flamethrower Kit not only shoots fire, but defends from long range attacks and has the ability to suck enemies into range with a powerful vacuum. The Elixir Kit grants a weapon that fires potions both helpful to party members and harmful to foes.

Elixirs reflect the Engineer's skill at alchemy. Engineers can create volatile potions, each with some sort of random component. Elixir X, for example, grants the Engineer a random Elite power from another profession. Doesn't that sound like fun?

No Engineer would be complete without turrets. Turrets in Guild Wars 2 come in various styles, from healing turrets to explosive turrets. Each turret has a regular function and a special super-powerful overcharge function. Only one type of turret can deployed at one time, so choose your weapons wisely.

Rounding out the Engineer's bag of tricks is the Tool Belt, which adds a special set of functions that enhance whatever kit or weapon the Engineer is using at the moment. It grants turrets a self-destruct, gives the Healing Kit a self-heal function, and just generally makes everything better.


The Engineer doesn't sound like an easy class to play. You have to know what sort of situation you're going into and have the right tools on hand to get the job done. New MMO players might want to steer clear.

MMO veterans, on the other hand, should adore the versatility and complexity of Guild Wars 2's latest profession. I know I will.

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Question to the public - In the MMO Manifesto Trailer on the GW2 site, there is an Asura with a Robot/Mech, in fact at one point you see two fighting each other. With the announcement of the Engineer, I would have thought it fit in with that class but it doesn't look like it. Anyone know what those Robot/Mechs are for?