Gunnar Phenom 3D Glasses Review: A Slick Extravagance

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Whats the worst thing about 3D? The glasses. Gunnar Optiks realized that and decided to come up with their own line of fashionable, pricey 3D glasses.

Let's take them for a spin.


Stylin': Today's movie theater RealD 3D glasses are big headache-inducing affairs, so clunky that they manage to avoid being even geek chic. Enter the Gunnar 3D glasses with a choice of either Anime or Phenom frames, frames which look pretty great when you're wearing them.


Comfy: These feather-weight glasses include spring-tension hinges and rubber grips. The three times I used them in movies I ended up forgetting they were even on my head. Fantastic fit and feel.


Pricey: It's hard to make an argument for paying $100 for something you get for free every time you need to use them. Sure, the Gunnar 3D glasses are amazingly comfortable and look great, but they cost $100 more than what you usually use during a 3D movie. While you could in theory also use these for home viewing on a 3D television, they'll only work on RealD 3D TVs. Now that makes sense.

I'm all for fashionable optics, but I'm not sure how relevant they are when you only wear them in a darkened theater. I think Gunnar should make the lenses interchangeable so you can pop them out and switch them with something that will protect your eyes from the sun too.

Phenom Graphite 3D glasses were developed by Gunnar Optiks. Retails for $99 USD. A pair of the glasses was given to us for reviewing purposes. Watched three movies with them on, mocked other theater-goers for their lame eyewear.


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Every time I go to a 3d movie they charge a $2-5 "rental" fee for the glasses. I'm thinking of pocketing them at the next one I see and pointing out that they never had a time limit on the "rental."