Gundam Overwatch Would Be A More Accurate Title For Upcoming Game, I Guess

It's called Gundam: Evolution and is a six-on-six online shooter

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Image: ©創通・サンライズ ©創通・サンライズ・MBS | Game Watch Impress

Today, Bandai Namco announced a new Mobile Suit Gundam game. It’s called Gundam Evolution, but honestly, Gundam Overwatch would have been better.

Of course, Bandai Namco can’t name it that, because Overwatch is owned by Blizzard. But Gundam Evolution definitely looks like Gundam meets Overwatch, and the game’s developers look like they’re big fans of the game.

Have a look at the debut trailer below:

Well, what do you think?

According to Game Watch Impress, the game is a first-person shooter but with the franchise’s signature mobile suit. It will have six on six online matches and will take advantage of the Gundam’s boost system.

So much about Gundam: Evolution looks like Overwatch. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and it’s interesting to see Gundam go in various directions, even if the influences are obvious and apparent. (In case you missed it, read Kotaku’s Overwatch review right here.)


Last month, Kotaku reported that Bandai Namco had an array of big plans for Gundam, including developing a new game for esports. You gotta wonder, is this the game? At the time, Bandai Namco teased that a new game was “coming soon.” This is soon!

Gundam: Evolution is free to play and is bound for PC. There are plans to launch it in different regions around the world. Before service kicks off, a closed beta test will begin next month.

Starting today in Japan, the game will begin sign-ups for the closed beta test, with the goal to rope in 5,000 players. More information is available on the newly launched official site for Japan residents interested in participating. As of writing, there is no concrete info yet announced about where exactly the game will launch. Expect more details in the coming weeks and months.



Is Barbatos actually popular in Japan? I see it pushed quite a lot in various products. I mean I enjoyed that series, but the gundams in that particular outing are overall very shoddy and uncool. The signature weapon of Barbatos is literally just a blunt weapon. A solid steel mace. As far as Gundam as a franchise is concerned that’s definitely one of the bottom tier weapons.