Gundam Is Moving PSPs In Japan, DQV and DSs Not So Much

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This week's Media Create hardware numbers have a couple of minor surprises, with the PSP getting a considerable sales boost from the release of Gundam Battle Universe. Also interesting is the surprisingly small bump the DS got, as Dragon Quest V moved loads of software, but little hardware. We're also taken aback by the higher than normal Xbox 360 sales. That's without a single game in the top fifty. We're going to go lie down now. This has been an emotional roller coaster!

  • PSP - 74,024
  • Nintendo DS - 54,531
  • Wii - 40,803
  • PlayStation 3 - 11,253
  • PlayStation 2 - 9,535
  • Xbox 360 - 4,208

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft







Guys, it's getting old. Really freaking old. I mean it's not as funny anymore and it's gotten as tired out as "RROD HURRR" "It collects dust" "X has no games" "X doesn't care about core gamers." You do know we don't have post counts here, right? That no matter how many posts you make, you don't get a boosted rating, a shining star, etc?

There are 127 MILLION people in Japan. As of March 2008 both DS and DS light have sold 22,169,761 in Japan alone. Do the math people and stop post counting +1 just go trot out tired jokes. It's old and it's not funny. It's just stupid.

@mikes_stalker:It's more then that, really.

@Amazon_Chris:It's a remake. If this was the brand new DQ in development, then you would have a point. Right

@EmeraldDragon:It did. Weekly sales for the DS have typically been for the last few months between 30 and 40k. This game release knocked it all the way up to 54k.

@Hitokiri151:Not even close. Also note that this DQ, a remake did almost 650K in a single week. Other then Monster Hunter and a few SE titles, nothing else on the PSP does that. There's something like 50 DS titles that have done 600k+ sales, on the PSP, not so much. Monster Hunter is the only one that's broken the 2 million mark, on the DS, there's something like 20.

@dappaute:Not with that horrid attachment rate it won't. The reason PSP's library pales to the DS's is because the PSP has the worst attachment rate out of a handheld system to be released in Japan in years, even the Wonderswan did better.

All the sold systems in the world mean nothing if your attachment rate sucks ass if your not making profit off of the systems.

@bobtheduck:Five months. It's a sales spike.