Gundam Build Series Going Live-Action

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Screenshot: Gundam Builder Real
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Bandai and anime studio Sunrise are teaming up for a new Gundam Build series. This time, though, it’s not animated. It’s live-action.


Gundam Build Fighters debuted as an anime back in 2013, and was followed by sequels, with Gunpla builders vying to win battle tournaments. According to, the new series is called Gundam Build Real and debuts later this month on YouTube.

The show features an ensemble cast of high schoolers as they battle it out in the world of Gundam models.

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Its a shame that Bandai and Sunrise have figured out what US studios and toy companies did in the 80s. That a show can basically just be a long commercial for a product and not much else.

There was some hope with the 40th anniversary we would get a big new Gundam series, maybe a 0079 remake but instead we just seem to get more Gundam Pokemon. I guess that is fine for some but not what I look for in my Gundam series. Especially not after the amazing Iron Blooded Orphans.

Oh well I will go back to snipping sprues of my MG Barbatos and being an old man yelling at clouds