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Two bits of news hit the Guitar Hero World Tour community sites this week about drum compatibility. Top of the list is news that Xbox 360 users can now download a Guitar Hero World Tour update that will allow ION Drum Rocker owners to use the drum kit with the game. More importantly Neversoft wants everyone to know that while they've done everything they can to get the Guitar Hero World Tour drum and guitar to work with Rock Band 1 and 2, they've reached an impasse.

The team at Neversoft worked diligently on making the drum and guitar controllers compatible across Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 1 and 2 on the PlayStation 3 platform. The Guitar Hero World Tour drum and guitar controllers currently support a basic level of gameplay with both Rock Band games. However, integrating the Guitar Hero World Tour drum controller into the Rock Band games requires an update to the Rock Band game software. Until that update is made to the Rock Band software, the Guitar Hero World Tour drum controller will not function in the PlayStation 3 version of that game.


While I applaud the effort being put into making sure that people who own different pieces of hardware can use them with different games, I have to wonder how many people this actually affects. Seriously, let me know in comments. Is this a burning issue for a lot of you? Do you want to use one drum kit on another game? The only thing I want to do is use BOTH drum kits on one game. Maybe set them up in a metal cage with some hydraulics. It's the little dreams that keep me going at night.

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