The release of yesterday's top ten best selling software in the U.S. was curiously absent of any rhythm game presence. No Guitar Hero World Tour, no Wii Music, no Rock Band 2, all of which saw new releases in October. A look at the top twenty, however, shows that, save for Wii Music, that Guitar Hero World Tour outsold the debut of Rock Band 2 on the PlayStation 3. And, according to a report from GameDaily, the Activision Blizzard published game outdid the Rock Band competition in dollar sales by about two to one. Yes, Rock Band 2's debut on the Xbox 360 in September gives Guitar Hero the advantage of dropping four new SKUs at once. But it appears Guitar Hero World Tour is already catching up, moving 534,000 units last month. Activision Blizzard is closing the gap and it would appear Harmonix, EA and MTV Games have some competition. Guitar Hero World Tour's Dollar Sales More Than Double Rock Band 2 [GameDaily]