Guitar Hero Peaking Says Analyst

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An analyst for Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) says that new sales figures show that the Guitar Hero franchise may have reached its peak.


"Currently, we expect unit sales to decline by more than 50 percent series-over-series for November," said EEDAR's Jesse Divnich, "This is coming off the October month where series-over-series units declined by more than 60 percent."

Despite this, EEDAR believe that Guitar Hero, Rock Band and maybe even Guitar Praise are around for the long haul.

"In fact, we expect Guitar Hero and Rock Band releases for the next 10 years as they will always have a large and loyal market base, just as [Dance Dance Revolution] is still today a very profitable franchise for Konami, even though that series reached its peak a long time ago."

Guitar Hero "Reaching its Peak" - Analyst [Edge]



There's no doubt that the series would peak after 3. No matter how 4 turned out, there was no way that they could do anything so brilliantly new (after Rock Band took that attention away) AND fun (before you point out the music creator which is not, to the masses, a 'fun' feature). I'm not insulting Guitar Hero, or Neversoft by extension. I have qualms with them, sure, but face it: there was nowhere else for the series to grow that would really bring any new fish in. Guitar Hero was a game that you were a little embarrassed to play. But when Guitar Hero II came out, you could get a few friends drinking and play it together. Upon the release of Guitar Hero III, with more recognizable, master songs, your girlfriend, parents, whomever would want to try this thing. Kids wanted to play it, adults...sober people...but now that everyone's played it, that's about as far as it can stretch.

Like I said, Rock Band beat them to the "band" simulator, and they did it better. With that in mind, there is no real incentive for the casual, party player to upgrade his copy of GH3 to GH:WT. All the people who wanted the band experience have already gotten RB, GH:WT, or RB2. That's it. I'm not saying they will never move another unit, but come on...the explosion, the's peaked. No way around it.