Guitar Hero Bundles vs Software In Sales Showdown

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Activision sell a lot of copies of Guitar Hero. Ever stop to wonder, though, what the breakdown is between sales of the game's band kit, guitar bundles and plain ol' game discs? Course you have.

And Gamasutra have the answer. Charting sales of all three versions of Guitar Hero: World Tour, they've found that, surprisingly (considering these bleak economic times Americans are trudging through), more people bought the full band kit than bought any other version. Oh, and that only 24% of people bought the standalone version of the game, which suggests most buyers of World Tour were either new to the series, or at least in need of a new plastic axe.

Analysis: Which Guitar Hero Package Do People Buy? [Gamasutra]

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I'll just say I'm glad I gave up on music games right before this shit hit the fan. Guitar Hero this and Rock Band that.