Guitar Hero 4 Drums Revealed

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Someone over at the Destructoid blogs just posted a scan of the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, revealing the drum set for Activision's upcoming increasingly erroneously named Guitar Hero 4. The set ups the ante over Rock Band, having only three pads and a petal but adding two dedicated cymbals to the mix. Feels like a case of "but ours goes to eleven" to me, but they had to stay competitive somehow I suppose. Hit up the link for slightly more information, but if you really want the full scoop, pick up the latest issue of Game Informer magazine.

The First Shot of the Drum Kit that will be used in GH 4 [Destructoid Blogs via Ars Technica - Thanks Matt!]

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Well, dude, consider the fact that the people who made Guitar Hero 1 and 2 are the people who made Rock Band, and there's your answer.

GH3 is a soulless moneyhat knockoff. Rock Band is the REAL Guitar Hero 3. Most of the GH haters know that.


Quote for truth, man. Harmonix is a great developer, I've spent ages looking for Amplitude. Sadly, I only found FreQuency. :[

But still, my money goes where they go. I have no loyalty to brand names, just to quality games and quality developers.