A new game releases, and the Guinness Book of World Records is there, awarding the world record for longest winning streak on Tekken 6 to Mr. Eliot Smith-Walters, A.K.A. Shadow Force.

Shadow Force won 68 consecutive best-of-three matches at the London MCM Expo over the weekend, losing only 9 rounds and racking up 25 perfects during the course of his streak, making me wonder if perhaps they had recruited London housewives to act as his opponents. Either way, official Guinness World Records representatives were on hand to witness the event, which will be entered into next year's Guinness Book of World Records Gamer's Edition.

Eliot used Lars for most of his battles, swapping in Miguel, Lee, and Dragunov when circumstances called for them.

According to Guinness editor Gaz Deaves, Eliot's surprised everyone, stealing the record out from under Super vs. Battle 2009 champion Phil "Dinosaur" Mackenzie.

"It was certainly a dramatic few hours. With Dinosaur's epic win at the Super vs. Battle this year we were expecting him to walk away with the record, so when Eliot KO'd him in the third round we almost couldn't believe what we were seeing. Overall the standard of play was very high, with Eliot clearly the strongest on the day."


Can you beat 68 consecutive wins in a row? More importantly, do you hang around with Guinness World Records officials?