Mark your calendars, next January is officially Naughty Game Parody Month! January will see the release of not only, but two discerning films with game nods from Japanese adult video maker TMA. One is The Adultmaster, a saucy send up of Namco Bandai's iDOLM@STER franchise. It follows three women as they try to break in as "idols." The costumes look great, and the dialogue is probably spectacular. The other is a re-release of cosplay-theme video starring Kyoko Ayana, complete with "new mosaics." This motion picture was originally released in 2004, a simpler time when women could dress up as Guilty Gear's Bridget without confusing everyone. See now, we're totally fucking baffled. Hit the jump for a picture of Kyoko as Bridget. It's safe for work, but the link is definitely not.


Just look at that yo-yo! Of course, this comes as visual novel CLANNAD gets a just released dirty parody of its own: CLONNAD.

TMA Release Schedule [Not Safe for Work] CLANNADのパロディAV CLONNAD−クロナド−が発売してた エロよりもドラマ重視の超大作 [Ota Road Blog]