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If you're interested in playing a part in the events leading up to Guild Wars 2 now is the time, as NCsoft and ArenaNet launch Guild Wars Beyond, an ongoing campaign allowing players to take part in world-changing events.


When Guild Wars 2 is released, players will find themselves in a very different Tyria. 250 years in the future, Queen Jennah leads the once dominant human race, now struggling to survive. How did this come about? Guild Wars players can find out now in the War in Kryta, the first event of Guild Wars Beyond.

The War in Kryta sees players taking part in the struggle between the White Mantel zealots and the Shining Blade rebels, the latter of which seeks to restore the Kryta monarchy and install Princess Salma as queen, insuring that 250 years in the future, Salma's descendant, Queen Jennah, is on the throne.


See what they did there?

Deepening the sense of participating in important events, players are now able to purchase White Mantle and Shining Blade costumes for their character, showing their allegiance and looking pretty damn stylish at the same time.

Guild Wars Beyond is an ongoing campaign, so players can expect to meet more important figures from Guild Wars present and future in the coming months, all leading up to the eventual release of Guild Wars 2.

I love this idea. Letting players participate in the events that lead to Guild Wars 2 invests them in the lore of that game, deepening the immersion, as well as the urge to stay with the series as it matures. Well done, ArenaNet!

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