Guild Wars 2's Next Beta Weekend Brings Plant People and Tiny Little Freaks

There are five races in Guild Wars 2, but up until now we've only been able to play as three - the humans, the cat people, and the bigger humans. ArenaNet rectifies this the weekend of July 20-22, when the Asura and Sylvari finally get their chance to shine.

It ain't easy being green, and it's even harder being an annoying little know-it-all, which probably explains why we've had to wait until the third and final beta weekend for Guild Wars 2 to get our hands on levels 1-20 for the game's most exotic races.


Along with the snacks and veggies, the event will also feature the two races' cities of Rata Sum and Grove, as well as a new Guild-Conquest PvP map, finally giving those titular organizations some time to shine.

Not in the Guild Wars 2 beta yet? I'll see what I can do.

Play Asura and Sylvari in the July 20-22 Beta Weekend Event! [ArenaNet]

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