Guild Wars 2 Player Kicks Ass Using Only His Cheek, Mouth

If you're a Guild Wars 2 player and have ever complained about a sore wrist, or tired eyes, here's something that might put your issues in perspective.

Keith "Aieron" Knight was born with Amyoplasia Arthrogryposis, which basically means he can barely move his body. At all. Yet he still takes on other GW2 players, and wins, controlling a mouse with his cheek and hitting keys with a pen in his mouth.


You can see him in action below. It's incredible.

Knight livestreams his play every friday night, and also collects donations for a charity that helps out people like himself.

Aieron - Disabled Gaming: Look Mom, no hands! [TwitchTV, via PC Gamer]

Watch live video from aieron on TwitchTV


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