Guild Wars 2 Modded Into A Third-Person Shooter

Do you like Guild Wars 2 but wish it could feel a little bit more action-packed? pvpPROJECT has got you covered with this "Combat Mode" mod that adds free mouse-look to the game, more or less turning it into a third-person shooter depending on the ability you're using.


Of course, the mod isn't official, and outside modifications are strictly verboten by ArenaNet's terms of service. When asked about the mod's permissibility on the Guild Wars 2 forums, an ArenaNet community manager said:

Hi everyone.
As Diva points out, the use of third-party software is not allowed in Guild Wars 2. Thypari, if you feel this is something that would improve the game, then we invite you to post your ideas on the subforum Suggestions, where they will be looked into.
I will proceed now to lock the thread.

So, we may never get an option to play Guild Wars 2 with combat mode turned on, but at least it'll live on in this wub-wubby video.

(Via Gameranx)



A 3rd person shooter assumes that you actually need to aim at the cross-hairs to hit something, which you don't in this game. Also you can already activate free mouse look in this game as well as in almost any other standard MMO with the right mouse button already.

So I'm not sure what this video is other than a fake cross-hair graphic and terrible music that doesn't match the video at all.