Guild Wars 2 Makes its Player-Versus-Player Debut at Gamescom

This year's Gamescom in Germany will play host to a bevy of firsts for ArenaNet's eagerly-anticipated MMO sequel Guild Wars 2, including the playable world premiere of PvP combat. Exactly how jealous should I be?

Extremely jealous by the looks of it. While I'm at home helping two little people live long enough to feed themselves, Guild Wars 2 fans in Cologne, Germany will get their first look at the starting area for the feline Charr, a high-level demo featuring the first playable appearance of the innocent, plantlike Sylvari and the arrogant, know-it-all Asura, and hands-on time with the game's character customization options.


All that, plus the aforementioned exclusive PvP demo, with periodic exhibition matches between the ArenaNet team and European guild BOON Control taking place on the developer's central stage.

This just in: Everyone going to Gamescom this year instead of me is a complete and utter jerk, at least between August 17 and 21. Jerks.

Get Ready for gamescom! [ArenaNet]

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