Guess What San Jose Mercury News' GOTY Is?

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Street Fighter IV wowed the San Jose Mercury News enough this year to earn it's Game of the Year award. No, there won't be a parade — have you seen the streets in downtown San Jose?


Mercury News writer Gieson Cacho put together a top 10 list the likes of which I'm more used to seeing on video game websites than in newspaper coverage (even the online kind). I'm not at all surprised to see the Mercury News covering video games, though. Some of you may remember that VentureBeat games writer Dean Takahashi used to work there — and believe me, games journalism is catching.

Here's the rest of Cacho's Top 10 games of 2009:

2) Uncharted 2
3) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
4) Assassin's Creed 2
5) DJ Hero
6) Killzone 2
7) Dragon Age: Origins
8) Batman: Arkham Asylum
9) Forza Motorsports [sic] 3
10) Little King's Story


Best Game of 2009: 'Street Fighter IV' knocked out the competition [San Jose Mercury News]

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I guess this is finally my chance to ask: Why do so many people hate SF4?

Is it because it's not like SF3? because it's too much like SF2?

I just don't understand it. I love SF4, I find it to be a mix between SF2 and the Alpha series.

I get a feeling that the SF4 hate is from SF3 lovers.. SF3 was good, but it was more difficult than it needed to be... I find SF4 to be perfectly balanced in it's deepness..