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Guardians of the Galaxy's Star Lord Dance Recreated In Destiny

Good job, the Internet. You've made us all proud with this one.

If you've seen Guardians of the Galaxy, you'll recognize this whole bit—music, dancing, and all—from the beginning, right before Star Lord (also known in our significantly more boring universe as Chris Pratt) steals the Important Thing from Those Jerks Who've Never Heard Of Him. This scene is meant to convey to us that he is A Scoundrel but with A Certain Scruffy, Affable Charm. It's pretty great.


Here are a couple quick gifs (courtesy of NeoGAF), for comparison's sake:


This recreation isn't perfect, but given Destiny's limitations—it's a first-person shooter video game, not a Marvel geek triumph box office smash re-creator—it's pretty clever. No using a rat alien as a microphone, though, sadly. Hopefully Bungie will add that ability in the next patch.

Let's see: intergalactic super fighters who throw around words like "lord" and "wizard," a strong affinity for classic rock, and a formidable repertoire of snazzy dances—which one am I describing? IT COULD BE EITHER WHOAAAA. Now if only Destiny's story was even a fraction as good as Guardians of the Galaxy's :/

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