GTR Series Coming To 360?

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Certainly looks that way. Swedish developers SimBin - the team behind the super-hardcore, super-awesome GTR racing series for the PC - have announced via press release that they're working on an Xbox 360 game, the title of which will be revealed "soon". Now, while we could keep an open mind about this, and speculate on whether this means they'll be releasing a point-and-click adventure game based on the reign of the Holstein-Gottorp house, we won't. Because all SimBin have ever done is racing games. So we'll instead prepare for the inevitable announcement of a hardcore racing sim for the 360, whether GTR-branded or not.

US, June 30, 2008 - "We are issuing this statement to counter false rumours currently circulating on the internet regarding a new X360 game. We do have plans for an upcoming X360 game and an official announcement from Simbin will follow shortly with correct information on title and publisher. The information currently circulating is incorrect," said Magnus Ling, Vice President, Simbin Studios.

About the SimBin Group

The SimBin group is a privately owned group of Swedish companies that occupies a total staff of 80 people, consisting of 50 employees and 30 distributed consultant's world wide.

In the SimBin portfolio you will find award winning titles like "GTR – The FIAGT Racing Game", "GT Legends", "GTR 2 – The FIA GT Racing Game", "RACE – The WTCC Game" and "RACE 07 - The WTCC Game". GTR and RACE are registered trademarks owned by the SimBin group.

SimBin Studios AB is the mother company, responsible for the publishing and IP rights for all productions developed within the SimBin group. SimBin Studios AB is also responsible for Business Development, Finances, Marketing, PR and administration.

SimBin Development Team AB is a Swedish game developer founded in 2003 and is a subsidiary of SimBin Studios AB. SimBin Development Team AB handles all the game productions in the group and develops games for all leading platforms.

SimBin Distribution AB is a daughter company of SimBin Studios AB and has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. With RaceRoom, a franchise concept including marketing, branding, game software and hardware in a turn-key solution, SimBin Distribution offers a new business opportunity in the event and experience industry



GTR? Never heard of it. So...uh...interesting news, I suppose!