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GTAIV Dated for Japan

While Japanese game shops have been importing GTAIV since its US release, The Land of the Rising Sun should be happy to know that Grand Theft Auto finally has a Japanese release date for the Japan language version. GTAIV for the PS3/Xbox 360 will be released October 30th, and it will be priced at ¥8,390 (US$76). Capcom will be doing the publishing honors. PS3/Xbox 360用ACT『GTA IV』日本語版が10月30日発売決定 [Dengeki Online]


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@BPMΣ: I can kind of read it...says something like "This game has something something grotesque imgagery/represenations something something..." Haha. I really need to work on my Japanese. Some of the characters were too small to read anyway. So basically just a warning about the how violent the game is I suppose.