GTA V's Trevor Tells Fan To Go F**k Himself

Illustration for article titled emGTA Vs/em Trevor Tells Fan To Go F**k Himself

During a panel at the New York Comic-Con this weekend, fans got a chance to chat with the voice actors behind Grand Theft Auto V. Or if not chat, then have the guy who plays Trevor jump off the stage and come at a fan (at the fans' request!), as though the game had suddenly come to life.

It's awesome that actor Steven Ogg pulled this off in the first place, but what makes it -aside from the more obvious physical likeness - is the swagger and the boots. You think it really is Trevor, especially since you can't get that good a look at things because, you know, portrait video. Sigh.

Trevor’s Voice Actor from GTA V Tells Fan “Go F*** Yourself” By Request [Crave]

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Luke Plunkett

if the video didn't include the question, you'd think he only stormed off the stage because he saw him holding his fucking phone VERTICALLY