Need another reason to get the PC version of GTA V, which you probably already own on console? The robust video editor coming with it might be reason enough.

The trimming and sharing features shown in the new trailer for GTA V’s PC version look commensurate with the features in a lot of other video game clip-sharing services. But what sets the Rockstar Editor apart is the apparent ability to use characters, settings and effects from the game in bespoke mini-movies.

Director Mode basically looks like a built-in machinima maker and the quick glimpse at exporting clips at 1:48 in the trailer shows clips, ranging in size from 4 to 43 minutes, so it looks like you’ll be able make some hefty creations.

Update: Rockstar let the folks at the 8-Bit Bastard YouTube channel get their hands on the GTA V PC’s Director Mode. Feast your eyes on the results.