GTA V Mod Lets You Play The Whole Game In Virtual Reality

Modders have been messing with VR and Grand Theft Auto V for as long as the two things have co-existed, but the results have often been mixed, compromised or are no longer supported. Unlike this one by LukeRoss00, which does pretty much everything you’d want.


It works with both Oculus Rift and SteamVR, and its most important feature is the fact that its FOV works across all parts of the game, whether running around, aiming down a weapon’s sights, driving a vehicle or even just sitting through a cutscene.

You can download it here, and check out a lengthy gameplay demonstration by Nathie below.

Via VG247


Dinky Earnshaw

That’s awesome, but my only issue is that I can’t play VR for more than an hour before I get uncomfortable.