GTA Recreated Perfectly In Real Life

Recreating Grand Theft Auto V would have been too easy. Here, some mad fans use a drone (!) and some very skilled choreography to recreate the top-down Grand Theft Auto 2 instead. And it’s awesome.

Hats off to the actors and drivers, but I hope everyone bought the drone pilot a drink when it was all said and done.

(Thanks Mike!)

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You know, I’d like to see Rockstar make a modern follow-up to GTA 2, with the top-down perspective and all, more comic-oriented. I’m aware of Chinatown Stories on DS or however it was called, but still... I’d like to see a big iso project on PC. Pillars of Eternity(and Divinity: Original Sin before that) surely showed that the old styles still can shine and have relevance. I really *love* GTA 5 but it’s not the same as the first 2 games, imo(I got GTA for PS on release.. i was like... 12?).