Fun fact: drivers in GTA are kind of awful. Creative players have decided to use GTA’s poor driving AI for amusement, resulting in a special type of mini-game that’s very entertaining to watch.

As Indycoone details in this Reddit post, the way the mini-game works is, you have tell the taxi driver to take this route:


For whatever reason, the taxi driver will always readjust the route like so:

This route is very dangerous. So naturally, you have to tell your driver to be cautious:


And then hope to god that you survive the bumpy ride:


Real talk: there is a very small chance that you will survive the ride, or get to your destination. But watching the drivers try is amazing.

Here are a few attempts by various GTA players around the web.

By C SUL, a very cinematic take on the taxi driver challenge. Not only can this driver clearly not handle the terrain, they stop and run over a few people along the way too.


Pro-tip: watch until the end. Something unexpected and hilarious happens.

By Funktipus. My favorite bit is how the driver stops for the crossing animals, only to then drive off a cliff.

By MicrowaveJack. I love that this taxi driver actually shit talks other people’s bad driving. Okay, buddy!

By MassiveScore.

Have you tried this challenge? Did you survive? Let us know in the comments!

Correction: this post originally credited the wrong person for the creation of the taxi challenge. This has been fixed.


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