A new expansion hit Grand Theft Auto V today, bringing with it the usual slew of new real estate, weapons and clothes for players to sample. Executives and Other Criminals also features a new mission type called Extractions, which uses some of the best parts of GTA Online to excellent effect.


Extractions are an Adversary mode job that resembles last week’s Every Bullet Counts, in that it’s like playing hide-and-seek in the open world of Los Santos. But the scale is bigger and less intimate, and the progression feels more like a paramilitary action flick than a slasher horror movie.

Maxing out at a count of 16 players and needing a minimum of three, an Extraction match splits folks up into three factions. The Target is a marooned bigshot armed only with a flare gun. He or she can see the locations of both the Hit Squad and the Bodyguards. Both of those teams need to hunt down the Target, with either assassination or exfiltration as their goals.

I played about four sessions of Extraction earlier today, one of which you can see in the video above. One match had a full count of 16 players going at each other, which felt a little bit like a miniature war happening way out in the outskirts of Rockstar’s fake Los Angeles. It’s another clever variation of the same core gameplay that makes up the DNA of GTA Online.

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