GTA IV's Lost Phone Music Feature

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There was a time in the development cycle of Grand Theft Auto IV that Niko Bellic had a cell phone that could play music, MTV Multiplayer reports, but the option was cut.

"Some people on the team didn't like the music/mobile phone idea for various reasons, but they went back and forth on the idea until the very end," Rockstar spokesperson Darlan Monterisi explained in an e-mail on Tuesday. "This is VERY common. We do it in every game we make. We still prefer the balance of music in car and the ambient world's noise on foot, but we are constantly reviewing this stuff."

I wonder how much having a mini-stereo with you at all times would have changed the experience? It must have been something that the Rockstar folks thought would have had quite an impact to remove it. Why else would they cut the thing entirely instead of allowing gamers to go out and buy a phone with the feature in game?

Actually, I'm still surprised at the limit of phone tech in the game. I was expecting that the phone, because it plays such an important role in the game's interface, would come in a lot more flavors and that at least one of the was going to support video capture. Maybe next time.


GTA IV Cutting Room Floor [MTV Multiplayer]

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Leave the music in the car. I think all the ambient sound is fine. I love listening to the doomsday guy outside your pad in Bohan. Or just the random cell phone calls some of the pedestrians have while walking around. It's a profound statement...take the headphones off once in a while :)

Now the camera feature...imagine my surprise when I learned that the pics couldn't be saved. Video recorder could be used as the instant replay feature people were craving for...would be cool implementation.