GTA IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony Trailer Goes Over The Top

Rockstar's second expansion of Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony goes on sale next month, but first let's watch the first trailer which, in Rockstar tradition, is named: You'll Always Be The King Of This Town.

The company's press release that accompanied the trailer promises guns, glitz and glamor and the most "over-the-top weapons and toys to cause mayhem for those bold enough to stand in your way." Return of the cartoonish chaos of GTA: San Andreas that was toned down for GTA IV?


Over-the-top, they say? How about cage-fighting, golf-cart stunt-driving and... a helicopter lifting the subway car our hero Luis Lopez is clinging to?

All footage is in-game, not pre-rendered. Rockstar doesn't indicate what is gameplay and what is non-interactive.


The Ballad of Gay Tony will be on sale on the Xbox 360's marketplace for 1600 points ($20) on October 29. It will also be sold in stores that day as part of a disc compilation with the first GTA IV expansion, The Lost and Damned. The downloaded version requires users to own a copy of GTA IV. The disc version does not.

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Microsoft really are the best thing to happen to gaming in 10 years. Just think how crap gaming would be with only Nintendo or Sony to chose from lol. PS3 would cost £500, still suck and and online play would be a joke!and Nintendo...well....that not worht mentioning.

The way MS have handled the exclusivity of games is excellent. No company has done what they have done for their fans. Just imaging being dumb enough (or broke enoguh) to have only a PS3 and what you would be missing out on. I know on kotaku most readers are real gamers and will have both consoles or just a xbox 360 so i dont feel bad saying this.