Rockstar's second expansion of Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony goes on sale next month, but first let's watch the first trailer which, in Rockstar tradition, is named: You'll Always Be The King Of This Town.

The company's press release that accompanied the trailer promises guns, glitz and glamor and the most "over-the-top weapons and toys to cause mayhem for those bold enough to stand in your way." Return of the cartoonish chaos of GTA: San Andreas that was toned down for GTA IV?


Over-the-top, they say? How about cage-fighting, golf-cart stunt-driving and... a helicopter lifting the subway car our hero Luis Lopez is clinging to?

All footage is in-game, not pre-rendered. Rockstar doesn't indicate what is gameplay and what is non-interactive.


The Ballad of Gay Tony will be on sale on the Xbox 360's marketplace for 1600 points ($20) on October 29. It will also be sold in stores that day as part of a disc compilation with the first GTA IV expansion, The Lost and Damned. The downloaded version requires users to own a copy of GTA IV. The disc version does not.

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