GTA IV PC Gets Patched

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PC gamers rejoice! Where once your Grand Theft Auto IV was broken, now it is fixed! The promised patch has arrived, bringing with it a new era of fix issues and possibly playable gameplay.


While the patch does nothing for the game's forward-thinking graphics, it does address a number of issues that have been plaguing players since the game's release. Fixes include better memory management, which is always nice; the ability to actually save your custom graphics settings and multiplayer characters, which is definitely a plus; several improvements to the video editor; and CPU monitoring past the game's initial startup to facilitate a smoother frame rate.


Hopefully this will also fix the slight issue I am having with not being able to start up the game whatsoever. Fingers crossed!

NEWS ALERT: Rockstar Games Releases patch for GTA IV PC

A patch for Grand Theft Auto IV on PC is now available. This patch will address known issues including, but not limited to, performance, input functionality, and overall stability. In addition to the patch, Rockstar Games will continue to offer support on a case-by-case basis via popular gaming forums, including:

We will continue to update the official Grand Theft Auto IV PC support page, which you can find at

For more details on what the patch addresses, see below.

-Better memory management to improve stability, especially for players with lower-end machines
-Added a fix for the ATI 1900 series video cards to improve stability and the visual quality of shadows
-Custom graphic settings and multiplayer characters will now save
-Several improvements to the Video Editor, including higher rendering quality, smarter naming of videos and better effects during replays
-Mouse-based movements with sensitive mice or gaming mice will properly detect
-CPU speeds will now query periodically rather than just at startup, resulting in smoother framerates
-Fixed a crash after legal screen German customers were reporting


We want to thank the GTA fan community for your endless devotion and continued support as we work through these issues.

Rockstar Games

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Sure, it fixes the things that are listed right there, but still does nothing for the general poor optimization/coding that is this game. I have a quad core cpu, a 1gb ati 4870, and 4gb of RAM, and this game runs like dog piss. I'm lucky to get a consistent 25fps in the game, and it's usually lower than that.

I can run Crysis, Fallout 3, Oblivion, NBA2K9, and every other game on the market at 1920 x 1080 with settings up high, if not all the way at a very good fps rate, but this game can't handle it.

Oh and I can do nothing but laugh at how the game is made "for future PC's," yet there is no DX10, and no anti-aliasing. Comical.

We're gonna need another patch. This thing needs fixes on par with The Witcher for it to be playable for the masses.