GTA IV Not Coming To The PC (Yet)

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Could have sworn this was discounted when it first popped up a few weeks back, but it's popped back up again today, so what the hell. You may see, or may already have seen, images of the cover of the latest issue of PC Gamer Malaysia. Purporting to confirm that GTA IV is on its way to the PC. Well it's not, at least, it's not yet, with the magazine's editor admitting the cover's headline is his own conjecture. Rockstar have also chimed in, denying any announcement on a PC version has been made. PC Version of GTA IV Confirmed (Updated Again) [IGN]

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It will definitely come out for PC just like many posters have already said. I have them all for my PC since GTA 1 back in the day. Most people think GTA is a Playstation game, but to me it has always been a PC game. I have it on 360 but the day it comes out on PC I will buy it (hopefully it will be out on steam). I love all the mods and cant wait for a mod that changes the names of the streets, islands and cop cars to their real counterparts (NYPD, Statue of Liberty, etc).