If you got GTAIV on or just after its release, managed to rack up a 100% completion percentage and got one of those "return within seven days" emails, congratulations. You were one of the first people to "complete" the game, and earned yourself a prize. If you took the time to read that email, you'd have noticed that Rockstar warned it could take up to 120 days for your prize - a "key" to Liberty City - to arrive, depending on how many they had to make. Guess they had to make a ton of them, because they're only now, in November, shipping out to the winners. Reader MastaKwaa was one of the lucky ones, and his just turned up in the mail. If you're a fellow winner, yours will be there soon, and will look like this. If you weren't a winner, here's what you could have got yourself if you were a winner, and not a loser.