GTA IV Is "A Threat To American Values"

Syndicated columnist Michael Medved writes on the consistently awful that Grand Theft Auto IV "highlights the real threat to the American Way of Life", what he calls "the war on middle class values." We're having a hard time making sense of Medved's logic, but he attempts to explain how America is going to Hell in a handbasket by writing "the decision by so many consumers of every age and income group to invest countless hours of time in the dark world of Grand Theft Auto IV nonetheless demonstrates a threat to American values." Medved points to GTA IV's release on the cusp of an economic recession and its sixty dollar price tag as seemingly puzzling in light of its "stunning" success, selling 6 million copies in its first week. Apparently Medved doesn't quite get that the game is not such a bad deal, as far as entertainment dollars go — this is a 40 hour game experience for many, not including morals erasing multiplayer. Frankly, we're not sure where he's going with this whole "GTA IV is the devil and people aren't gambling because gas prices are so high and babies are being born out of wedlock," but we like his brand of rambling crazy. The posts write themselves! War on Middle Class Values, Not on Middle Class [Townhall]


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