GTA IV Claims Top Spot On Xbox Live

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From the Obvious Files comes news that Grand Theft Auto IV has unseated Xbox Live chart topper Call of Duty 4 as the title with the most unique users on the service. That's a lot of dead pedestrians! Liberty City has never heard this many racial slurs and synonyms for "homosexual" in such a short timeframe, we guarantee it. Former Live activity darling Halo 3 settles for third place from April 28 to May 5—and we predict for months to come—as the GTA IV masses flood the service in its debut week.


Taking the number one spot in the Xbox Live Arcade top ten? Brain Challenge! Who didn't see that one coming? Probably someone who was unaware that Brain Challenge was released, just like me.

LIVE Activity for week of 4/28 (GTA is #1) [Microsoft]

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@Callidux: I agree. I hate having to mute 12 year olds who have nothing better to do than sing to themselves through the mic or call me a hommo every time I kill them.