GTA IV And The Breakdancing Tugboat

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GTA IV has some problems. Some of them are yet be fixed, and are peeving a lot of people off. Not good. Then again, some of them are yet to be fixed, and are so broken they're bringing people nothing but joy.



Ive had way too many glitches that affected me during story missions and the game for me is on the verge of unplayable.

For spoiler reasons I wont go into too much detail, but I had to do a mission where I was with a story character and of course they have to remain alive or else you fail. Most of the time a random car would drive up at the middle of NOWHERE and run them over! Or a car would spawn on the top of them crushing them and sometimes me. Im about 30 something hours into the game but I dont know why this game is so glitchy.