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In July, Lindsay Lohan filed suit against Rockstar Games for a Grand Theft Auto V character that she says is based on her. Now the makers of Red Dead Redemption say that the movie star is only suing them to garner buzz.


An Associated Press article on the suit quotes court documents that have been made public, in which Rockstar and parent company Take-Two Interactive say that Lohan began the legal action "for publicity purposes." The companies want the lawsuit dismissed and for Lohan to pay their legal fees, as well.


The GTA V character that Lohan claims is based on her is Lacey Jonas, a celebrity that's the focus of a series of escort mission in the hit open world game. In the court documents, Rockstar says that Lohan's likeness isn't the basis for the character and that the only similarities are that in being a young, blonde woman.

We've reached out to Rockstar Games for comment and will update this post if they reply.

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