GTA Cheater Murders Everyone, Blames It On The Innocent

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Here is a look at just how ridiculous the cheating situation on GTA Online can become.


The 7th Taco shares absurd GTA footage with us via the following clip. Basically, the entire playerbase inside of this GTA Online game gets instantly murdered by a cheater on the server. But it doesn’t end there. The cheater is also framing someone else entirely for the mayhem. Notice how in this footage, you can clearly see The 7th Taco not doing anything malicious, only to then have everyone explode—an event that the game blames on Taco:

“Was in a lobby with a hacker who can apparently kill all players on the map in my name,” The 7th Taco wrote on YouTube. “Pretty sure I’ll be reported, probably even banned. Figured this is the only thing I can do to possibly clear my name.”

Those of you playing GTA Online very well might have come across situations like this one before. It’s not new, and you see reports of cheaters killing everyone in a lobby instantly from time to time (here’s a very recent one, for example). But seeing it in action like this is something else. There’s something particularly brazen about cheating so openly—the cheater has the name fuck rockstar here, for crying out loud! Nevermind the huge explosion stuff, or the gall required to blame someone else for their shittiness. Man.

Here’s hoping that Rockstar does something about players like this. I’m constantly reading reports from agitated players who are not having a good time in GTA Online because of the cheating situation, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better for them.


That guy has a suspicious amount of money.