Retailer is apparently confirming—and re-confirming—27 tracks from the upcoming Green Day: Rock Band, noting that two of the punk band's albums, 1994's Dookie and 2004's American Idiot, will be included in the game "in their entirety."

MTV Games and Harmonix have officially confirmed a handful of songs from the albums Nimrod, American Idiot and Insomniac for the Green Day-based Rock Band title, due in June. If's listing is right, that's 23 tracks we weren't quite sure of.


Play's description of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii also mentions that if players already own the already released 21st Century Breakdown downloadable tracks, they'll complete that album. That would mean 11 or 12 tracks from 21st Century Breakdown on the disc then?

Eventually, we'd assume that just about everything from the Green Day catalog will make its way to Rock Band, but it's good to know that we'll be getting two of the band's better albums in the package. We're double checking with MTV Games to see if's listing is accurate.

Green Day: Rock Band [ - thanks, Gunstarheroes!]

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