During Kevin and Bean's Breakfast with Green Day this morning on KROQ 106.7 FM, the band confirmed that they'll be doing something involving Rock Band in the near-ish future.

When an audience member asked them when their songs would be appearing in Rock Band, lead singer Billy Joe had the following to say: "Uh yeah, we're doing a whole Green Day Rock Band...uh." Uh? Is that a track pack, or a full game add-on? We've contacted Harmonix for more information, but until then all we have is "uh", along with this stunning revelation of the release date for "uh":

I'm not sure...soon. Like I think not this week, but this year soon...by the end of this year.

This of course leads us to the obvious question: how has Rock Band gotten away without having Green Day for this long?

KROQ - Green Day Part 5 [KROQ 106.7FM - Thanks Joshua!]