Ah Disgaea, always going that extra step to make its turn-based strategy gameplay more exciting. Take this zombie, for instance. No one is scared of zombies anymore; they're everywhere you want to be. If you saw a zombie on the street you'd more likely hug it than run screaming.


At least until you saw the horse wiener.

A horse wiener changes things. It doesn't just up the terror factor; it transforms the way you perceive the world. Suddenly what was once a large planet filled with possibility is a tiny globe of dirt, rock, water, fire, and horse genitals (not listed in order of importance).


What's most impressive about Disgaea's inclusion of this life-changing protuberance is that the game was developed by an extremely Japanese company, Nippon Ichi Software. What this means is that there are Japanese game developers with a firm grasp on horse penis and its importance to the continued existence of life as we know it.

See? We're not so different after all.

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