Great Moments in Gaming Humor: Batman and the Beetle

It might not have been a great game, but Batman: The Brave and the Bold for the Wii had some damn fine writing, especially when it came to the nervous jaw-flapping of a fledgling Blue Beetle in the face of his favorite hero.


Created by the 2D masters at WayForward Technologies, Batman: The Brave and the Bold is a side-scrolling beat-em up that follow a format similar to that of the cartoon series it's based on. Batman meets a hero, the credits roll, and the pair team up for an epic adventure. You want more info? I reviewed the game back in 2010, and I stand by what I said back then: it's not bad, for what it is.


The highlight (with one notable emerald exception) was the writing. With long stretches of action to fill, the game's writers fed Batman and his pals some pretty entertaining lines. Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy Diedrich Bader (whoops, bats crossed) infuses the caped crusader with a wry wit instead of his normal dour countenance, making him the perfect straight man for Will Friedle's Blue Beetle.

In his Jaime Reyes incarnation old Double-B is a young up-and-comer, blessed with ridiculous amounts of power and zero sense. He fills every second with off-kilter observations of the game and its inhabitants, off-handedly pointing out the shortcuts developers took to say, extend a flying sequence.

By himself it would have been too much, but with Batman by his side to balance his manic mouth it's something spectacular.

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Man, I love Will Friedle's voice work. Of all his work, my favorite is probably still Terry McGinnis, but overall I think he's done a great job in everything of his that I've seen.

And just to go completely off-topic, I love the work of his buddy Jason Marsden as well. (Holy crap; he's the voice of the protagonist in FFXIII-2? Crap, I might have to play it now.)