Gravity Rush Makes You an Accidental Mass Murderer

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At its heart, Gravity Rush is a steam-punk superhero adventure. Of course, Kat isn't exactly the ideal heroine, despite her obviously pure intentions. Perhaps she just needs to take a moment and look up the term "collateral damage."


Gravity Rush was released on Feb. 9, 2012 in Japan on the PlayStation Vita. EU and NA release dates are currently TBA. For more gravity controlling action, check out our import preview or enjoy a good seven minutes of Gravity Rush gameplay here.

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m3rcer, ex-Cobra Viper whos seen the light.

I swore I wouldn't be getting the Vita at launch. Then yesterday I tried out both Escape Plan and Gravity Rush on a kiosk at Gamestop, and Earlier today I put some trades and $200 towards the 3G bundle (comes with a 8gb memory card). I am excited.