Gravity Is Optional In Star Citizen's First-Person Shooter Mode

At this weekend's PAX Australia in Melbourne, fans got a first look at the first-person shooter module for Cloud Imperium's Star Citizen in action. I think I'm going to be sick.

I have two things to say about the Illfonic-developed first-person shooter module's demo debut. First, it's dark. So very dark. Even the screens provided to press for the reveal are incredibly dark. Dark, dark, dark.


And second, I will not be able to play this once the gravity goes off. Just watching it happen in the gameplay demo from the show made me queasy. I've been on a zero-g flight before and managed to keep my insides inside, but the idea of trying to focus on shooting somebody in the dark while doing it? That's okay. I'll just stick to spaceships.

Here's the demo video. They lose gravity around 6:45.

Not for me. If it's for you, here are a couple more really dark screenshots for you to stare at.


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