Gravestone Gundam Can Watch Over Your Tomb

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If you are looking for a way to check out in style, look no further. Here is a stone Gundam spotted at a gravestone carver in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.


Writer Tomoki Yoshimura snapped the photo in the city of Yasu and uploaded it to Twitter. According to Yoshimura, this was located at a hakaishiten (墓石店), or literally, "tombstone" (墓石) "shop" (店).

While this was standing out front, that doesn't mean Japanese people actually buy stone Gundam statues for their final resting places. As previously mentioned, statues like this are to catch people's attention and show off carving skills.

But don't let that stop you from purchasing your own giant stone Gundam to mark your grave!

In the links below, you can follow Mr. Yoshimura on Twitter or visit his official website (Japanese language only).

ただいま滋賀県。墓石店のレベルが高すぎる。 [Tomoki Yoshimura@Twitter]

Tomoki Yoshimura [Official Site]

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