Thanks to the deep and immersive world of Los Santos and the hysteria surrounding Grand Theft Auto V, people are already having a ton of fun with the game online, including using our favorite format: the GIF.

It's still early and GTA V has a massive open world, so this is possibly only the tip of the iceberg. But let's check what the internet has created so far.

One failed BMX trick can completely glitch-out Los Santos.

GTA V as NES title screens.

How to steal a Jumbo Jet? Not like this.

It's not a good idea in GTA V to imitate the parkour tricks you've seen in Assassin's Creed. (Actually it's the best idea.)

What the hell is wrong with this fire truck?

King Harkinian and Princess Zelda have some bad news for GTA V.

Also, Grand Theft Auto is not for kids!

Hit the comments and post anything GTA related that you may have bumped into. The world needs more of these!

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