Grand Theft Auto Online Trolls vs The Million-Dollar Car

Aaron Reynolds, of @batlabels fame, was playing Grand Theft Auto Online the other night when he ran into some assholes trying to wreck people’s nice cars. So he came up with an A++ plan which would make the game “fun for [him] and awful for them”.


Note that players themselves aren’t actually paying out the full cost of the car, they’re only paying out a fraction. So if you blew up the Gurntmobile you wouldn’t be on the hook for $1 million. But at a high enough price (the fine for destroying expensive cars can be $20k+) it’s still enough to discourage many people from wanton destruction.

Anyway continue he did, with a much louder paintjob. Xzibit would be proud.

Who could have thought an insurance scam could be so much fun.

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