Grand Theft Auto IV On PC Is A Little Broken

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And here we were, getting all excited over Grand Theft Auto IV on PC. Seems that Rockstar's big release - like, sadly, so many other high-profile PC games for the year - has launched broken.


Problems range from dire performance issues to numerous error codes to a lack of SLI support, with scores of unhappy users flooding forums with their "broken things" laundry lists and Steam even going so far as to start offering refunds for unhappy downloaders.

The main bone of contention seems to be with the game's graphics settings. Even powerful PCs are being forced to run the game at low settings (and even then, there are numerous texture errors), Rockstar responding with "higher settings are provided for future generations of PCs with higher specifications than are currently widely available."


So suck on it.

General error and installation error codes are also being widely reported, with Rockstar having to publish a "handy" guide just so people know where their copies are going wrong.

As for what happens next, Rockstar have issued a brief statement on the problems, saying "we are working to help solve these [issues] as quickly as possible".

To get a taste of PC gamer frustration, you can visit the forums below.

Steam GTAIV Forum

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the most annoying potato

I believe the solution to this "performance" problem is changing the names of the configurations. For instance, if there are options named "very low", "low", "medium", "high" and "very high", change the names to "low", "medium", "high", "ultra" and "insane". This way people would be satisfied with running the game on the old "medium", because it's named "high" now. And will know that "ultra" and "insane" are for supercomputers.

Of course, if this is actually the problem.