It's Rockstar Games' first Grand Theft Auto IV Live Weekend on Xbox Live, and everybody's invited! You know the basics by now...anyone who signs up and participates in an online GTA IV match between now and Sunday evening has a chance to win hourly prizes consisting of GTA IV swag like shirts, hats, hoodies, license plates, and more, with a grand prize of an Xbox 360 Elite console and even more swag up for grabs. Rockstar is doing their part as well, with anyone checking stats or joining the Rockstar Games Social Club over the weekend will be entered in a sweepstakes to win a home entertainment package valued at more than $6000 or a runner- prize of a custom GTA IV branded 360 and even more swag. Things are kicking off today from 3:00PM to 9:00PM Eastern with a whole slew of GTA IV devs online to play against fans of the game. Hit the jump for a list of Rockstar gamertags to add to your friends list.Here's the list of Gamertags to add for today's festivities: RSG0Josh RSG1Neil RSG2David RSG3Ben RSG4Brian RSG5Robert RSG6Chris RSG7Steve RSG8John RSG9Justin RSG10Mark RSG11Bruce RSG12Steve RSG13Mike RSG14Zach RSG15Fred RSG16Paul RSG17Ethan RSG18Hugh RSG19David RSG20Ben RSG21Craig RSG22Laura RSG23Richard RSG24Greg RSG25PJ Cause Chaos all Weekend Long []