Grand Theft Auto IV Gets Unholy Vengeance with This Fiery Ghost Rider Mod

There's a lot of evil in Liberty City. And, therefore, a lot of victims that need avenging. It's a good thing, then that Junior Almeida's Ghost Rider mod turns Niko Bellic into Marvel Comics' flaming skull-headed, demonic anti-hero.


Is the best thing about having Niko Bellic become the latest host for Zarathos the fiery trail he leaves in his wake? Or is it the way that cars go flying when the Hellcycle gets up to top speed? No, it's probably the firebreathing. Best way to get sinners to repent.

(Thanks, tipster Gareth)



I really wish they could port these mods over to console versions of the game, or at least onto the Xbox as the Skyrim ports were.