Grand Theft Auto IV DLC Getting Disc-Less Retail Shop Release?

While the websites of game retailers are not typically the most reliable place for rumors, we have just that: a rumor from a game retailer website.GameStop is taking pre-orders for upcoming GTAIV DLC, Grand Theft Auto IV: Lost and Damned. The thing is, GameStop points out that the packaging does not include a disc and that it's "downloadable content only." What's more, the retailer adds that the customers “must have an Xbox Live account” and “a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360” to play it. If true, maybe people will buy this as a present, which kinda makes sense. Seems like a lot of hassle for DLC — that's DownLoable Content and not DiscLess Content! Grand Theft Auto IV: Lost & Damned [GameStop via]


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